3 Tips for Better Managing Your Work Projects

Project management is a skill. It can be learned. If you’ve noticed that your work projects tend to get away from you, you might benefit from making a concentrated effort to handle them better. Here are just a few tips that can help.

  1. Improve Your Organization

Everyone misplaces the occasional pen, but if you’ve noticed that you consistently lose documents, spreadsheets and project data, it’s time to give yourself a talk about organization. Is it a neatness issue? Could you tidy up your desk and sort through the mountain of paperwork that’s always covering it? Would it help to buy a few more in-trays?

  1. Mind Your Schedules

In the same vein as the above, while it’s understandable to miss the occasional deadline, you shouldn’t be in a constant state of playing catch-up. If your projects are always lagging behind their intended timetable, you’ll need to take a good, long look at your time management skills. Something there can be improved. You might also take the preventative measure of giving yourself more time than you think you need for future projects; this will allow you some wiggle room for delays and setbacks.

  1. Ask the Experts

If you’re struggling with project management despite your best efforts, it might help to bring in a professional. They can provide a fresh, third-party perspective about what you’re doing both right and wrong. They can also answer questions, suggest plans and provide valuable advice as you move forward with your next objective. If you could use an extra set of hands at work, don’t be afraid to contact a project manager.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you plan, organize and implement work projects. Remember: It’s okay if you’re still learning how to do this. You can teach yourself the skills … Read More