Even though roofing materials are stated to last for 25 or more years, it doesn’t mean that situations can’t occur that cause sudden damage or roofing failure. Below are four things to look for and have repaired to avoid costly problems this winter.

Roofing Dips and Sags

An uneven roofing surface is a major sign that you have a weakness in the structure that should be addressed right away. The weight of ice and snow on a weakened roof can lead to an unexpected collapse. A roof failure in the middle of winter can be a major disaster for your home and belongings.

Missing and Clogged Gutters

Secure, free-flowing gutters are designed to quickly and safely lead water, melting snow, and ice off the roof and away from your home. Damaged, missing, and clogged gutters can lead to a build-up of ice on your roof that will eventually cause lifting of the roofing materials and interior water damage.

Damaged and Missing Roofing Materials

Entering the colder season with already existing damaged areas of roofing materials is a setup for potential roofing leaks and mold in your home. Any water that accesses your home through the roof will end up settling somewhere. It can go down into the basement, or linger inside your walls damaging the wood or insulation. Make sure all roofing materials are secure and in good condition before winter starts.

Brushing and Overhanging Tree Limbs

High winds from winter storms can bring tree limbs crashing down onto the surface of your roof. It can puncture the roof, tear roofing materials loose, or break the roofing supports. Make sure there are no tree limbs over or near the roof of your home.

Obtain roof repair Beaverton OR roofing needs before the real cold weather and snows begin. Maintaining your roof in good condition is the best defense against winter damage and disasters.

4 Things to Look for to Prevent Winter Roofing Disasters