The landscape of your yard is the first thing that many people pay attention to whether they live in the house or they are visiting. A landscape design Sarasota company can provide the tools and materials needed to design the yard the way that you want it to look and offer suggestions, but there are a few ideas that you might want to consider beforehand.

Levels in the yard are a modern touch. The levels don’t have to be extravagant or highly detailed. Begin the design at the porch area with steps that extend down to the ground. Construct a bridge over a pathway of rocks or stones. You could also consider making a stream in the yard if you have a small pond. The bridge can lead to an elevated area with a table and chairs for entertaining.

Add color to your yard by planting flowers that bloom at different times of the year. This technique will keep some kind of color present instead of a brown lawn or one that is plain and simple, especially during the winter months. Get a wicker patio set to put in the center of the garden area that you create along with a gazebo for entertaining or relaxing during the day. When you look out of the windows of your home, you might not want to see an open expanse of yard. Create a symmetrical pattern in the yard with stones or other materials so that there are pathways to walk on with a figure of some kind in the center. A fountain or a large birdbath is an option to consider and works well with flowers around the base if you want to add color to the yard as well. Use the natural layout of the yard and the way that it flows when you design your landscape instead of digging a lot of holes or creating hills.

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